• Critter Gallery
  • Tidepool tours and tidbits

Note: All of these videos may also be viewed directly on Oregon State Parks' YouTube Channel.

Critter Gallery

Mottled star (0:59)


Shore crab (0:09)

Hermit Crab (0:24)

Sculpin (0:14)


Urchin caves (1:23)


Mussel beds (1:33)


Anemones wear sunscreen? (0:39)


Sea lions frolic on rocks (0:39)


Tidepool Tours and Tidbits

Rocky shoreline time-lapse (1:13)


Tidepools, Rocky Reefs, Marine Reserves: It's All Connected (4:30)


Bull kelp beds (0:34)


Visual tour of Oregon rocky shores (4:28)


Oregon State Parks tidepool tours (4:01)

Go on a tour of the bottom of the ocean

Go on a virtual tour of the tidepools with an Oregon State Parks rocky shore naturalist. The video can be watched in its entirety or in chapters, listed below.

1: Introduction (0:30): Introduction to a virtual tidepool tour

2: How to Prepare (1:13) : How to prepare for a safe tidepool trip

3: What is a tidepool? (1:56) : What a tidepool is and what causes tides.

4: Tidepool Etiquette (3:49) : Learn how to help keep Oregon's tidepools safe



5: Explore the tidepools (4:55) : Virtually explore some of the interesting species that live on Oregon's rocky shores.

If you would prefer to watch the entire video (12:15): Tidepools: Explore the Bottom of the Ocean