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Sea Palm: More Information

Description: True to their name, sea palms look like one- to two-foot tall palm trees, with a smooth “trunk” topped by a thick tuft of ridged “leaves,” each several to ten inches long, that loosely droop down, reaching a quarter to half the way to the rock.  The upright stalk is held in place by a mass of curved and branching finger-like projections that hold fast to rock or mussels.  The entire seaweed is olive brown.


  Kingdom Plantae  -- Planta, plantes, plants, Vegetal  
     Division Phaeophyta  -- algues brunes, brown algae  
        Class Phaeophyceae  
           Order Laminariales  
              Family Lessoniaceae  
                 Genus Postelsia  
                    Species Postelsia palmaeformis Ruprecht

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov