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Sea Lettuce: More Information

Description: Smooth, ultra thin, and bright green, delicate sea lettuce covers the rocks in the upper intertidal.  Two major shapes of sea lettuce are found on Oregon shores:  broad (usually about the size of your palm or your whole hand) and narrow (usually about the size of your finger).  Although sea lettuce starts out flat, it gently ruffles as it grows; older specimens often sport small holes and tears.  Wet sea lettuce can look like limp cellophane cast about the beach—only much more slippery.  Dry sea lettuce is pale green to dull brown and stiff, tightly papering the rocks.


  Kingdom Plantae  -- Planta, plantes, plants, Vegetal  
     Division Chlorophyta  -- algues vertes, green algae  
        Class Chlorophyceae  
           Order Ulotrichales  
              Family Ulvaceae  
                 Genus Ulva Linnaeus, 1753

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov