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Sculpins: More Information

Description: These common fish are shaped like long, drawn-out teardrops, but with broad pectoral fins located just past the head.  Rather triangular in cross section and with a long fin that runs down the back, tidepool sculpins rest on the bottom with their pectoral fins spread out on either side.  The entire body is variously marked in browns, olive greens, and whites—often in saddles across the back.  All of the several different species of tidepool sculpins are small, up to several inches long. 


  Kingdom Animalia  -- Animal, animals, animaux  
     Phylum Chordata  -- chordates, cordado, cordés  
        Subphylum Vertebrata  -- vertebrado, vertebrates, vertébrés  
           Superclass Osteichthyes  -- bony fishes, osteíceto, peixe ósseo, poissons osseux  
              Class Actinopterygii  -- poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées, ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes  
                 Subclass Neopterygii  -- neopterygians  
                    Infraclass Teleostei  
                       Superorder Acanthopterygii  
                          Order Scorpaeniformes  -- chabots, mail-cheeked fishes, rascasses, scorpion fishes, sculpins  
                             Suborder Cottoidei  -- chabots, sculpins  
                                Superfamily Cottoidea  
                                   Family Cottidae  -- bullheads, chabots, chabots de mer, charrascos espinosos, scaleless sculpins, scorpions de mer, sculpin

Common Species:

Artedius lateralis (Girard, 1854) -- charrasco cabeza lisa, smoothhead sculpin

Oligocottus maculosus Girard, 1856 -- tidepool sculpin

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov