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Rockweeds: More Information

Description: About as wide as your thumb, only flat, the “stems” that make up rockweed are forked and forked and forked again.  The ends have a pair of blunt prongs and are often puffed or inflated.  Little rockweed, a different species, is about a third the size of rockweed, with the “stems” being about pencil-wide and flat.  Both olive brown, rockweed grows up to perhaps ten inches long, and little rockweed grows up to almost 4 inches long.


  Kingdom Plantae  -- Planta, plantes, plants, Vegetal  
     Division Phaeophyta  -- algues brunes, brown algae  
        Class Phaeophyceae  
           Order Fucales  
              Family Fucaceae

Common Species:

Fucus gardneri -- rockweed

Pelvetiopsis limitata (Setchell) Gardner -- little rockweed

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov