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Ochre sea star: More Information

Description: A classic “starfish” shape, ochre sea stars have five arms, each ending in a blunt point.  Despite the name, ochre sea stars also come in purple to dark rose.  All the back surface of an ochre sea star is covered with a loose net pattern of hard, light-colored bumps that protrude through a velvety surface; a small, light-colored bald spot is nearly always visible in the central back area.  These sea stars can grow up to just over a foot wide.


  Kingdom Animalia  -- Animal, animals, animaux  
     Phylum Echinodermata Klein, 1734 -- bolacha da praia, échinodermes, echinoderms, equinoderma, equinodermata, estrela do mar, ouriço do mar  
        Subphylum Eleutherozoa Bather, 1900  
           Superclass Asterozoa Zittel, 1895  
              Class Asteroidea de Blainville, 1830 -- estrela do mar, étoiles de mer, sea stars, sea stars, starfishes, starfishes, stelléridés  
                 Order Forcipulatida H. E. S. Clark, 1963  
                    Family Asteriidae Gray, 1840  
                       Genus Pisaster Müller and Troschel, 1840  
                          Species Pisaster ochraceus (Brandt, 1835)

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov