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Coralline Algae: More Information

Description: Dusty-pink and brittle-looking, coralline algae look a lot like tufts of fine-scale coral.  These seaweeds come in three different forms:  flat fronds, jointed fingers, and bushy.  Most coralline algae are smaller than your outstretched hand, but many of them can thickly carpet tidepools.


  Kingdom Plantae  -- Planta, plantes, plants, Vegetal  
     Division Rhodophyta  -- algues rouges, red algae  
        Class Rhodophyceae  
           Subclass Florideophycidae  
              Order Corallinales  
                 Family Corallinaceae

Common species:

Bossiella spp.

Calliarthron spp.

Corallina spp.

Lithothamnium spp.

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov