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Acorn Barnacles: More Information

Description: From barely visible to larger than your fist, several kinds of barnacles are found in Oregon tidepools.  Each hard white bump is generally volcano-shaped; the texture of the sides is somewhat different for different species, but is usually quite rough. In the recessed “crater” in the center are two tight-fitting shells that are the barnacle’s “doors.”


  Kingdom Animalia  -- Animal, animals, animaux  
     Phylum Arthropoda  -- arthropodes, arthropods, Artrópode  
        Subphylum Crustacea Brünnich, 1772 -- crustaceans, crustáceo, crustacés  
           Class Maxillopoda Dahl, 1956  
              Subclass Thecostraca Gruvel, 1905  
                 Infraclass Cirripedia Burmeister, 1834 -- barnacles, bernacles  
                    Superorder Thoracica Darwin, 1854 -- barnacles  
                       Order Sessilia Lamarck, 1818 -- sessile barnacles  
                          Suborder Balanomorpha Pilsbry, 1916 -- acorn barnacles  

Common Species:

Balanus glandula Darwin, 1854 -- acorn barnacle

Chthamalus dalli Pilsbry, 1916 -- buckshot barnacle

Semibalanus cariosus (Pallas, 1788) -- thatched barnacle

Taxonomic information source: ITIS.gov