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Special Areas

Respect specially designated areas.

A few Oregon Coast tidepools are closed to collecting to protect special areas. Tidepool creatures are protected by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. Check "marine zone" regulations to find open areas and limits for fish and invertebrates and general ocean shore recreation rules for marine plants and non-living items.

Best idea: take only pictures and leave the wildlife and plants for others to enjoy.

These special areas ares have been designated to provide lasting protection for part or all of the resources within them. Oregon has various types of specially designated areas including Marine Gardens, Research Reserves, Habitat Refuges, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Reserves and National Wildlife Refuges. The designations are briefly summarized below, however, these summaries may be out-of-date or otherwise incorrect/incomplete. Please consult appropriate rules and regulations for current, complete content.

Marine Garden

Research Reserve

Habitat Refuge

National Wildlife Refuges

Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas